The partnership brings DroneDeploy’s best-in-class software solutions to the Japanese commercial technology market

The global market for commercial drones is estimated to exceed $13 Billion by 2020. The majority of this growth will come from mature technology markets including the US, Europe, and Asia. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Softbank C&S, Japan’s leading IT distribution company. This partnership brings DroneDeploy’s industry-leading software solutions to the Japanese commercial technology market.

“We’re excited to be working with SoftBank C&S in Japan. It provides us immediate global reach into one of the most mature enterprise drone markets,” — Scott Lumish, Vice President of Business Development at DroneDeploy

Paving the Way for Rapid International Expansion

This partnership is part of our rapid international expansion as we put DroneDeploy in the hands of any company seeking to harness the power of drone data. By adding DroneDeploy to their portfolio, SoftBank C&S is positioned to become the leading cloud-based drone systems provider in Japan. According to Forrester Research, Japanese companies will increase tech spending as much as 6% in 2018. Drones will play a role in this increased spending as large companies put UAVs to work.

An Experienced Partner to Take DroneDeploy to the Japanese Market

SoftBank C&S is one of largest IT distributors on the planet and has a successful track record of taking US software to the Japanese market. This makes them the ideal partner to introduce DroneDeploy to its enterprise customers.

Becoming the Universal Drone Operating System

As more Japanese businesses turn to drones for aerial insights, they’re looking to SoftBank C&S for software and hardware. Softbank has eight years of industry experience and now, enterprise-grade hardware and best-in-class solutions to scale drone operations. Combining the sales, distribution and marketing capabilities of SoftBank C&S with DroneDeploy’s Cloud Platform and App Market puts DroneDeploy in a position to become the universal drone operating system.

“We believe SoftBank C&S will help DroneDeploy dominate the aerial data space and become the operating system for all drones in Japan, and eventually the rest of world.” — Scott Lumish, Vice President of Business Development at DroneDeploy

Where to Learn More

  • Learn more about Softbank C&S by visiting its website.
  • Learn more about the growth of the global drone market in this report from Goldman Sachs.
  • Learn more about our growing international network of partners on our website.

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