DroneDeploy partners with DroneBase to make drone data available to any company through an on-demand drone pilot solution

We are quickly moving towards a future where commercial drone operations are entirely automated. However, that future is not quite here. And until then, we are making it easier for companies of any size to gain access to valuable drone data on demand.

Today, we are launching Drone On Demand, a simplified way for companies to collect aerial data with drones. The new solution lets customers plan a flight mission in the DroneDeploy platform, then request a certified professional pilot from DroneBase — the largest global drone operations company — to travel to the site, perform the mission, and collect the aerial data. After planning a flight and requesting a pilot with the DroneBase app, photos, maps, and 3D models appear in your account within 72 hours.


A Drone Solution for Everyone

With Drone On Demand, you get the value of drone data without having to face the complexity of launching and scaling in-house operations. It streamlines the drone data collection process — putting instant, high-resolution aerial data into the hands of any company.

“The future of drones is automation, but until drones can execute a planned flight without any human supervision, we need a simple solution that helps businesses of any size integrate drones into their workflows. We are proud to integrate with DroneBase to make accessing aerial insights much easier — democratizing data for small businesses and enterprises alike.” -Mike Winn, DroneDeploy CEO

Eliminating the Barriers to Entry

While drones are transforming industry workflows, many companies are not in a position to start an in-house drone program. But that does not mean you have to miss out on the benefits of drone data. With Drone On Demand, you no longer have to acquire the drone hardware, train employees, and buy insurance. Instead, you immediately gain value from the aerial data and get to take advantage of DroneDeploy’s built-in measurement tools and app market integrations.

Plan a flight. Push a button. And sit back and wait for high-quality drone data.

Consistent High-Quality Data from Pilots You Trust

With DroneBase you know you are getting high-quality data from trained, insured, and licensed pilots. You no longer have to worry about staying up to date with the best hardware or have knowledge of the proper flight authorizations. DroneBase pilots are an extension of your company and eliminate the risk of managing a team. The best part? You have pilots on standby around the country that are ready to take flight. You skip the growing pains of scaling your drone operations and benefit from consistent data that is captured across all of your job sites.

Where to Learn More

Get Started with DroneDeploy

Visit www.dronedeploy.com to start your free trial or request a consultation with one of our team members. The DroneDeploy mobile application is available for free download for both iOS and Android devices.

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