Introducing Progress Photos, Construction Accuracy Package, and Drone on Demand pilot partnership with Uplift Data Partners

Construction is the fastest growing industry adopter of drone technology — and now the top sector using DroneDeploy. Last year, we saw a 2.4X growth in construction customers on our platform, and there is no sign of a slowdown anytime soon.

Construction companies worldwide leverage drones to manage, measure, and communicate project progress. That’s why we’re excited to share our latest construction solution that helps builders put a drone program on every job site.

Progress Photos Streamline Site Documentation and Reporting

It’s never been easier to report job site progress to stakeholders, customers, and collaborators. DroneDeploy’s newest feature — Progress Photos — saves time and creates a visual timeline of your job site in minutes. It’s the first tool that allows you to intuitively plan photo flights, automatically capture corner images, and generate a progress report that can be replicated every week.

“Progress Photos from DroneDeploy opens a whole new environment to efficiently and effortlessly capture the deliverables our clients have been asking for.” — Grant Hagen, Beck Group

Progress Photos makes it easy to capture consistent photos of your job site every week.

Not only does this new feature simplify the data collection workflow, but it makes it possible to store all of your drone data (photos, maps, and 3D models) in a single, easy-to-share platform.

“Say goodbye to multiple apps and programs; now you can manage all your images within DroneDeploy.” — Jono Millin, Chief Product Officer at DroneDeploy

The new feature makes it easy to capture precise and consistent corner shots of your project over time — and export them into a digestible report to keep stakeholders and clients informed of a site’s progress. Just plan the photo mission, set your boundaries, and let the drone do its job.

“In the past, other tools have proven difficult when onboarding new pilots and supporting my team. Progress Photos makes adoption and reporting site progress easy across McCarthy’s entire team.” — Ryan Moret, McCarthy Building Companies

To learn more about the Progress Photo feature, register for our upcoming live webinar, or explore our website.

Drone on Demand Pilot Partnership with Uplift Data Partners

We just launched Drone On Demand, a simplified way for companies to collect aerial data with drones. The new solution lets customers plan a flight mission in the DroneDeploy platform, then request a certified professional pilot from Uplift Data Partners — the leading data capture pilot platform for enterprise construction businesses. An Uplift pilot will travel to the site, perform the mission, and collect the aerial data. Afterwards photos, maps, and 3D models appear in your account within 72 hours.

Introducing the Construction Accuracy Package

You asked, and we listened. Today, we’re thrilled to offer our new software package built for construction pros. With the Construction Accuracy package, you get powerful insights and industry integrations to manage your project’s workflow from a single, easy-to-use drone data platform. Construction Accuracy Package customers enjoy access to the same tools, capabilities, and support available to our “Business” plan — including Progress Photos — plus:

  • Up To 3 Seats — Streamline project management and communication with up to 3 users on a single DroneDeploy account
  • Unlimited GCP Maps — Improve the accuracy of your aerial maps with unlimited processing of ground control point (GCP) location data
  • Unlimited DTMs — Convert a digital surface model (DTM) into a digital terrain models (DTM) by removing buildings, walls, trees, and more

Contact us to hear more about the Construction Accuracy Package or make a purchase today.

Where to Learn More

  • To get a better understanding of how you can put drones to work to track and communicate site progress, register for our upcoming live webinar.
  • Interested in drones, but not sure where to start? Download our free eBook on using drones for Virtual Design & Construction.
  • Our enterprise drone mapping solution is allows construction companies of all sizes to scale their drone operations and gain access to valuable drone data faster than ever before. Read more about the features of the enterprise solution.
  • Our webinar series, Getting Started with Drones in Construction, is a must-watch for construction companies at all phases of drone adoption.

Get Started with DroneDeploy

Want to learn how DroneDeploy can help your business? Visit to start your free trial or request a consultation with one of our team members. The DroneDeploy mobile application is available for free download for both iOS and Android devices.

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