DroneDeploy Partners with The Climate Corporation to Bring a Best-in-Class Aerial Imaging Platform to the Agriculture Industry

New software partnership enables thousands of Climate FieldView™ dealers nationwide to provide customers with on-demand drone data to drive down costs and improve crop yields

Aerial data is nothing new to the agriculture industry. Growers have been using satellite imagery for decades to get a better idea of what’s happening in their fields. But traditionally it has been difficult for growers to combine satellite and drone imagery in one place — making it challenging to manage and analyze crop data effectively.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with The Climate Corporation, which aims to bring a best-in-class imaging platform to our joint customers, and the Climate FieldView™ dealer network, so that they can perform high accuracy stand counts, identify crop issues, create and validate variable rate Rx’s, evaluate the efficacy of product trials with high precision, and quantify yield loss for insurance purposes.

A Single, Easy-to-Use Platform for Growers to Access and Manage Aerial Data

Together we are building a software integration — launching in June — that streamlines agriculture workflows within Climate’s FieldView platform. This integration makes it possible to merge all aerial data from drones, satellite, and manned aircraft onto a single platform and enable customers to access data captured using DroneDeploy platform within FieldView.

“We believe that this partnership with the Climate Corporation will provide retail partners with the tools they need to combine Climate FieldView satellite, as applied, and weather data with DroneDeploy drone data, thus enabling them to better serve their farmer customers.” — Nicolas Guerra-Mondragon, Business Development at DroneDeploy

Putting DroneDeploy in the Hands of a Nationwide Network of Distributors

In addition to the software integration, DroneDeploy will be working very closely with The Climate Corporation’s field team to train all interested dealers on the DroneDeploy platform. This enables the nationwide Climate FieldView™ dealer network to combine on-demand drone data with satellite imagery to enhance crop scouting and consulting services for their customers. This extension of business services helps growers and agronomists make more informed crop management decisions year round.

“FieldView Platform brings value to farmers, faster, by partnering with innovators across agriculture. This partnership will help our shared customers take advantage of DroneDeploy’s unique solutions in their day-to-day decision-making” — Vilas Rao, Vice President of Strategy at The Climate Corporation

Where to Learn More

  • You can read the full press announcement about the new partnership here.
  • Click here to learn more about the FieldView platform.
  • To learn more about the benefits of drone data in crop scouting, download our free eBook Crop Scouting with Drones
  • To learn more about DroneDeploy’s Agriculture solutions visit our website.

Get Started with DroneDeploy

Visit Dronedeploy.com/partners/fieldview to request a consultation with one of our team members. The DroneDeploy mobile application is available for free download for both iOS and Android devices.

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