A young man in Massachusetts who duct-taped his phone to a DJI Phantom 3 in order to play Pokemon GO without leaving his backyard has been alternately called a genius and a cheater. Pokemon GO is a newly released GPS-based game that requires players to find Pokemon at “pokestops” in their area, which can mean driving […]

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Alta Vista Ventures Ltd. (AVV-CSE) announced today that they have signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Canadian drone manufacturer Aeromao Inc. Aeromao is a manufacturer of surveying and mapping drones.  The company is well-established for the burgeoning drone industry, having been operating in some form since 2010; Aeromao’s drones have been sold across the globe.  It’s […]

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Last month we reported that the inaugural DroneUp International Film Festival is to be held this August in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. On August the 19th and 20th, Plovdiv’s famous Roman stadium will host filmmakers from around the world as they present their best work in front of a live audience and compete for prizes. We’ve teamed up with […]

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As aerial photography and racing grow in popularity among the wider public, those in the consumer drone industry, from manufacturers to software developers, are set to reap the rewards in the coming years. A report from market intelligence firm Tractica suggests that sales could increase to up to ten times their current level.  According to […]

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Last month we featured Queen B Robotics and, more specifically, the company’s new Exo360 drone. The Exo360 is slightly different to your standard photography UAV. It’s all set to be the world’s first 360° consumer drone, and is capable of capturing 4K spherical video for immersive playback experiences. Armed with five cameras and post flight […]

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With the recent expansion of drone use across the construction and inspection industries, leaders in the field are welcoming the most recent FAA Part 107 regulations and hope that the new rules will legitimize safe pilots while weeding out rogue users. Because UAV tech may soon be as common as a hammer on a construction […]

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Amazon Prime Air flight testing in the UK

 I wonder if they are not getting some video and photos together for next weeks Farnborough airshow. This years Farnborough International Airshow becomes the worlds largest public drone event. Military vendors during the trade week and FPV racing and more at the DJI sponsored public airshow over the weekend. Speaking at that event on Saturday Lauren…

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Each week we feature a video sent to us by Dronetheworld.com, a site that collects and maps drone videos from around the world. from the folks at DronetheWorld:Enjoy this beautiful shots of central Greece. The mix of slow historical places and fast new areas make it to a great work. Just watch it and decide […]

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Moped thieves in London may have a new nemesis swooping down from the sky – police drones. This week, Scotland Yard announced a preliminary plan to deploy drones across the city to stop the growing problem of moped theft. Reportedly, gangs are stealing the small motor bikes in order to commit drive-by shootings and armed […]

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