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The FAA has been talking a tough game on enforcement, threatening drone fines and publicizing the proposed $1.9 million penalty against SkyPan International for unauthorized drone flights.  But while most speeches by FAA Administrator Michael Huerta make some reference to enforcement against “rogue drones,” the FAA has been cagey about exactly what enforcement means. Now Motherboard […]

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The European Rotor Sports Association receives approval from the FAI.

We are proud to announce that ERSA has become the first drone sports organisation in the world to receive recognition and approval from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale “FAI”. Founded in 1905 the FAI is the world governing body for all air sports, from full size aircraft to hot air balloons, from skydiving to model aircraft.  This…

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Late last month North Dakota State University (NDSU) launched an agricultural research project incorporating drone technology that was called “the first of its kind in the nation,” by Sreekala Bajwa, chair of NDSU’s Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department. The project is the most recent effort by NDSU to determine the role of UAS in agricultural […]

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David talks with Frank Jones, Deputy Director, Research Services Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center.

David Vanderhoof and Frank Jones

David Vanderhoof (L) and Frank Jones (R)

Frank Jones describes how sense and avoid algorithms based on ADS-B have been researched using the specially instrumented NASA Cirrus SR-22 as a surrogate drone. NASA and the other research partners conducted a number of flight tests to try and tried to break the algorithms with “blunder maneuvers” and observed how the software performed.

The SR-22 also participated in the project with Virginia Tech, Flirtey, and others to deliver medical supplies by drone. The SR-22 carrying the supplies was flown remotely to an airport; the package was transferred to the Flirtey quadcopter, which then made the “last-mile” delivery.

Currently, an urban test environment is being created at NASA Langley where sUAS could be flown routinely across the campus using them operationally to deliver mail and packages, conduct building inspections, and perform other tasks.

Find NASA Langley Research Center on Twitter as @NASA_Langley.

We’d like to thank Kathy Barnstoff and Bill Baley for arranging the NASA Langley interviews.


Terry Miller, Unmanned Risk Management presents at sUSB Expo 2016 on Dromatics, telematics for the drone industry

Terry Miller of Transport Risk Management has a ground breaking product for the commercial drone industry under his unit Unmanned Risk Management which has the ability to save operators time and money as well as open up new avenues of work that may have formerly been inaccessible, in this presentation at the sUSB Exposition 2016…

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After the recent success of Drone Sports World at the Maker Faire CA, the company behind it, Aerial Sports League (ASL), is setting up again in San Francisco. But this time, there’s a difference. As a beta test of what will soon become a permanent, first-of-its-kind entertainment complex, ASL is opening up for the weekend in […]

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3D Robotics recently raised $26.7 million in debt funding from Nautilus Ventures. There has been speculation that 3D Robotics may be struggling. DroneFlyers published a lengthy post on 3DR’s history which can be found here. Christopher Michel, principal at Nautilus Ventures, sits on the board of 3D Robotics. You can find related SEC document here.

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A South Korean UAV startup wants to deploy drones to save lives but it may need to be rescued from a sea of government regulation to survive. In 2015, Incheon-based Soomvi developed the S-200 Rescue drone, a quadcopter that can drop flotation devices to drowning swimmers as well as patrol waterways for maritime search and […]

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KIMON – an impressive selfie drone crowdfunding project – has recently launched on JD.com Finance, a subsidiary of China’s E-commerce giant JD.com, by Keyshare Information Technology, a company based on Hunan province in South Central China. The project has received wide attention and gone viral on Weibo, the leading Chinese microblogging website, and through WeChat, the most popular messaging