One of Chad Sanderson’s construction Live Map entries.

Hundreds of Live Maps were entered. But only one took home the grand prize — a DJI Mavic Pro

After a month-long Live Map frenzy followed by a lot of reviewing and voting by our team, we are excited to announce the winner who is taking the crown of the #LiveMapChallenge contest.

Can we get a drumroll please? Give a round of applause to Chad Sanderson, who wowed us with not only one, but four Live Maps of different construction sites. The maps were so crisp and clear that we couldn’t choose just one to feature. So, explore the maps below and let us know which one you like the most.

What do you think is being constructed at this site?

It may have been winter, but that didn’t stop the continuation of this project.

Out in Glenn Heights in Texas is this large site.

Can’t get enough of Live Maps like us? Scroll through more of these beauties for some inspiration for your next flight.

Almond Orchard by runner up, Alfredo Reyes.

Soccer field covered in snow, by Göran Norling

Golf course, by Droneros

We’d love to see your best mapping skills, so don’t be afraid to tag us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to show off the DroneDeploy map you’re most proud of.

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